Week fifty

First two images are from the speed painting group i joined on Facebook. Very challenging to reduce your time to 30 min and you learn a lot. Last image was done over the week end, wanted to push it a bit more but i always enjoy seeing the brushes and that usually gets lost in the process when you spend too much time on an illustration. Being able to control it though is a different beast :)


Week forty six

Big update! Drew more than i thought last week. Having a blast with just pure B&W illustration.


Week forty five

Some speedpainting from last week. At the top approx 1h30, bottom one around 45min.


Week forty three

Had fun while listening to PilotPriest amazing music. I tried to get a more complex scene with the battleship (did this one over the week end), i want to see how far i can push the complexity of my composition. I am slowly building up a library of sci fi inspired sketches, hoping to regroup a bunch of it in a book one day!


Week forty two

Some quick stuff mostly and an oil painting study that i did over the long week end using the Zorn palette which is actually pretty awesome to use.


Week forty one

Last week randomatrons.


Week thirty eight

Just B&W drawings. Robot inspired by Elysium movie (2 hours) and the other one totally random.


Week thirty seven

Listening to M83 and having fun :)


Week thirty six

Update post Fan expo and vacation fun time, getting back slowly to drawing :)
I posted a step by step of this image on CGHUB too http://cghub.com/images/view/645803/ . Enjoy!


Small cards images

Last 2 images for Fan Expo. Everything is in the printer's hands now!


B&W sketches

Having some fun in black and white with timed sketches (Under 30 min)


Week thirty three


Week thirty two

Just got back from vacation, fan expo is coming and i have to prepare new illustrations for the show... so gotta get back drawing seriously! Going back and forth between those 2 in the last 3 days (approx 3-4hours each)


Week Thirty

Time for vacation but before leaving... 2 images i worked on this week. I had a lot of fun working on those and might come back on it eventually and push it a little more, especially for the first one.


Last week drawings

 Having too much fun with those new brushes. 


Little one

Testing a Brush set from Maciej Kuciara, really awesome brushes! 


Couple oldies laying around on my computer (one at the top was based on Black Hawk Down I think)


2 more from last week


For the love of scifi. 


I haven't updated in a while this blog. So here it is, updates!