Week 34

Haven't updated the blog in a long time, been mostly posting stuff on Tumblr here: http://weeklysketches.tumblr.com/.


Week nineteen

Long stretch without getting back on personal work so it's time to get back to it. Done over the week end, flipping back and forth between those two. Time will be precious this year with work but it's a bad excuse to not be able to produce couple drawings. Also Dark Souls II........ yeah that game.


Week Seven


First 2 are spitpaints (aztec temple and raven), fishin' dude is an oldie that i had on my comp from 2013 and looking back at it i quite like it still so yeah why not showing it? Last one is part of my ongoing scifi "research" for a story.  


2014! Week Three

First image  was from 2013 actually, before going on vacation. Started 2014 with some sketches and another guy with a robot. AGAIN.